Saturday, January 8, 2011

15 Happy Things!

Gooood Evening :)

I'm in a particularly good mood at the moment so I thought I might post about everything that makes me happy! I have tried to avoid being overly vague & annoying to give you the exact fifteen definitions of happiness (according to Carman as of the beginning of 2011!) so you can look it up in the future. Here we go.

1. Muffins. The word might not sound as cute as 'cupcakes' but muffins are bigger, i.e. The bigger the muffin, the more chocolate-y goodness it can contain.

2. SPN. Otherwise known as Supernatural for all of you not-so-die-hard-fans out there.

3. Stay the Night, by James Blunt. I'm not a huuuuuge Blunt fan but this song reminds me of summer & ice-cream & light-hearted fun.

4. Buying cool stuff over the net. 'Cause the Internet has waaay better stock than your local mall.

5. Gossip Girl. Yes, I used to hate it, but that was before I really watched it at all. I am now officially guilty of judging a book (in this case a few DVDs) by it's cover. It wont happen again, GG is amazing. Which bring m to my next point...

6. Chace Crawford. Yeah. I can't even. *Drooling over keyboard*

7. Blogging. Really! This makes me happy, whether it's just because I like writing or because I have a sad life & I spend way to much time on my computer, who knows? :)

8. Tumblr. I've recently discovered some awesome Tumblr blogs, that are well, AWESOME! Here's one, for example, that is better than perfect if your a teenage girl obsessed with SPN, like me.

9. Rainbows. I had to! They really are pretty!!!

10. Tomorrow When the War Began. Now out on DVD :) Absolutely great movie!

11. Making a wish list. You can dream all you want... & I do, but putting ideas down on paper makes everything seem so much more real. :)

12. Motivational (or De-motivational) Pictures. Whoever created these, was a legend.

13. Air Conditioner. It is pure happiness. Although it's probably costing all of Australia double what it would to support a small 3rd World country, in Summer, it's a necessity!

14. Sunnies & Hats. As well as protecting you from all the baddy UV rays out there, sunnies & hats are adorable & I believe you can never have enough. I currently have 7 pairs of awesome sunglasses that I rotate & colour-coordinate with my outfits. Lame, but cute.

15. Betty Crocker Icing Tubs. WHAMO! Betty Crocker is my hero. Best icing ever!!! & Also very necessary if you're going to make those muffins I talked of earlier. :)

Enjoy Life.
& Have Fun.


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