Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kick-Ass! (& Other Superheroes)

"Like most people my age, I just existed." ~Kick-Ass

First of all... Happy New Year :)
2011. The beginning of a decade.
& Which holds the potential to be the beginning of everything & anything you've ever dreamed of. :)
Good luck.

Okay, So for Christmas I received a DVD called Kick-Ass, from Santa. This was one of those movies that I had been intending to see at the cinema when it originally came out... but never got around to it. Apart from fully living up to it's title, I found it to be a 'typical-teenager' movie, but better. It is without a doubt hilarious, random & just really, really cool! It made me both laugh... & almost cry. Kick-Ass is quite light-hearted but I reckon it also has a pretty awesome message (deep beneath the swearing, sexual innuendos & high-school jokes), of helping people. :)

In the beginning of the movie, the protagonist, Dave, sat down at a local comic shop with his two, 'cute-but-dorky' best friends & pondered why no-one had ever tried to be a superhero. Why hadn't anyone, out of all of the psychos, weirdos, superhero worshippers & mentally unstable people out there, thrown on a ridiculous costume & went out with the sole mission of fighting crime & helping those in need.

This is cool, but sadly true.

Another, not so 'let's-save-the-world' topic this movie got me thinking about was: If I was a superhero (a real comic book one) what superpower would I want to have, & why? This reallllllly got me thinking. At first I thought:

Flying. Definitely.
But then as I sifted through tonnes of different possibilities I found it hard to settle on one.

Invisibility, sure.
Telekinesis, awesome.
Accelerated healing, could come in handy.
X-Ray vision...

The list goes on. I'm still not 100% sure what I would choose... maybe Invisibility, or being able to climb up walls (Spiderman has been [& always will be] my favourite hero).
Well, I hope I got you thinking & wanting to watch, or re-watch, Kick-Ass. :)


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